MOT Testing and Other Services


MOT Testing

Medd Motors Ltd offers a MOT service for just £45 per test, should your car fail the MOT then we offer a free re-test when repairs are provided through Medd Motors Ltd.



At Medd Motors Ltd we run diagnostic checks using computerised software to investigate and solve any faults that may be found on your vehicle. We provide this service for both cars and vans (all makes and models).


Air Conditioning


The benefits of Air Conditioning

  • Cool air in the warmer months,
  • Warm dehumidified air in the colder months which easily demists steamed up windows
  • It helps to filter out pollutants or airborne particles in pollen which helps people who suffer with allergies,
  • An odour free vehicle atmosphere at all times.

If your air conditioning is not doing any of the above then maybe it is time you had it checked over! It air concould be that system is low on refrigerant gas or has a leak. Whatever the problem, we can help offering a comprehensive air conditioning service and recharge, which most manufacturers recommend to be undertaken every two years. The system can also be deep-cleaned to remove bacteria and odours.

 Air conditioning re-charge – £30 +VAT

Full service with deep clean £50 +VAT