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We have recently invested in brand new Air Conditioning servicing equipment and couldn’t be more prepared to deal with your needs.

Air Conditioning Services Medd Motors

If your Air-con is not working as you would expect then maybe it’s time you had it checked over. It could be that the system is low on refrigerant gas or has a leak.

Whatever the problem, we can help by offering a comprehensive air conditioning service and recharge.

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your air-con serviced every two years.

The system can also be deep-cleaned to remove bacteria and odours.

We offer a full air conditioning service with deep clean for around £50 + VAT. The cost may vary dependant on the amount of gas required.

The benefits of air-conditioning;-

  • Cool air in the warmer months
  • Warm dehumidified air in the colder months to demist steamed up windows
  • Filters out pollutants or airborne particles in pollen which helps people who suffer with allergies
  • An odour free vehicle atmosphere at all times

You should use your air-con throughout the year because this helps to keep your system free from bacteria. Using warm air from the system in winter helps demist the windows and the air coming out of the vents is dry, so the air-con acts as a dehumidifier.

Air-con systems contain a refrigerant and some oil. It’s important to keep that liquid flowing, and the components of the system lubricated.

If your air con smells it may be that you haven’t used it for a fair while. If you don’t use your A/C regularly bacteria and mould build up in the systems.

You shouldn’t travel for too long with your window open and your air-con on as it’s not economical. Closed windows will keep the cool air inside the car and keep the temperature moderate if the air-con is running.

Opened windows let warm air inside the car, which also puts stress on the air-con system, potentially leading to problems.

In hot weather’s if you’ve been using the A/C it’s normal for your air-con compressor to drip water as the ice that may form on its surface melts which may form a puddle under your car.

If you have any doubts as to the source of a leak, give us a call but if the puddle is odourless there should be nothing to worry about. If it smells or has a colour to it, it could be something more serious.