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Medd Tuning & Sedox Performance

We specialise in performance tuning of engine management systems. Engine tuning can improve your cars performance is a number of ways;-

Improving Fuel Economy; ECU remapping can help you increase mpg and getting more miles for your money. Remapping for this purpose offers more precise control of fuel which results in a vehicle that has much better fuel economy.

Increase Power and Torque; Remaps can remove limitations set upon your vehicle by the manufacturer, effectively making your vehicle parameters more precisely tuned to the geographical area you live in, typical altitude and the quality of fuel you have available. This results in increased power and torque output.

Improve Performance and Drivability; An ECU remapping could potentially increase your vehicle easier to drive.

Improved Throttle Response; ECU remapping and chip tuning can help to improve the responsiveness of your engine and throttle response significantly.

Recalibration of the engine management system can increase performance without reducing the reliability of your vehicle.

Medd Tuning partner with Sedox Performance to offer the most reliable tuning solutions. With Sedox proven performance or eco remaps you can be assured that your car will have better drive-ability and fuel economy.


At Sedox Performance we call it engine optimisation.

When a manufacturer is developing a new car, he looks at a couple of aspects:

It needs to compete with the main competitors on both performance and price, and to much engine power will trigger unnecessary taxes in many countries.

It should also not compete with other engines from the same manufacturer, but most importantly of all:

If you are selling 500 000 cars, you want to make sure that you do not get warranty claim on 50% of them.

To avoid this, the car manufacturer makes sure that they have a large operation margin on all engine components, so that even with small defects or variation in production quality, the engine will run a 6 digit amount of kilometres with as little trouble as possible.

What the tuning-business then are doing, is to utilise the difference between the original effect the engine is delivered with from the factory, and the potential effect the engine can produce, still with its original hardware components running within their thresholds and limits for safe operation.


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